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A cuisine strongly linked to the flavors of the Marche region

Our vision of agriculture is multifunctional, in fact we believe that it must be integrated with tourism and catering activities, this gives us the opportunity to make the most of a territory like ours, rich in history, archeology, culinary traditions, and much more. .
In our farm you will not find the starred chef, but without any doubt you will eat well. Ours is a family-run business where traditional Marche dishes are served to be enjoyed with tranquility in a beautiful terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
The activity of our company is also aimed at the cultivation of local fruit and vegetables at km 0, with vegetables, legumes, cereals, wheat, corn and fruit. We serve our customers our seasonal products, all grown in the open field. Not only fruit and vegetables but we also raise poultry and excellent quality EVO oil.

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